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React js

for web Development


Introduction to React

  • Topics: What is React?, Why React?, Advantages of React, Setting up React Development Environment, Introduction to JSX
  • Activity: Setup your development environment and explore JSX by creating simple UI elements.

React Basics

  • Topics: Components and Props, State and Lifecycle Methods, Handling Events, Conditional Rendering and Loops, Forms and Controlled Components
  • Activity: Build a small project (like a to-do list) implementing these concepts.

React Router and Advanced State Handling

  • Topics: React Router, Context API
  • Activity: Enhance your project with routing and implement Context API for state management.

Advanced React Concepts

  • Topics: Higher-Order Components (HOC), React Hooks
  • Activity: Refactor your project components using HOCs and Hooks.


  • Topics: Basics of Redux, Integrating Redux with React
  • Activity: Implement Redux in your project for more complex state management.

Next.js Introduction

  • Topics: Setup, Key Features, Pages, Fetching Data, Props
  • Activity: Create a basic Next.js application, focusing on server-side rendering and data fetching.

Advanced Next.js

  • Topics: Server-Side Rendering, Static Site Generation, API Routes
  • Activity: Extend your Next.js application with advanced features and optimizations.

React Deployment

  • Topics: Building for Production, Deployment Strategies, Using Platforms like Netlify or Vercel
  • Activity: Deploy your React and Next.js applications.

Continuous Learning

  • Provider Pattern: Study and implement this pattern in your projects.
  • Stay Updated: React and its ecosystem evolve rapidly. Keep learning new updates and best practices.



  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap
  • App Design Tools (figma)
  • UI UX Design

This course covers the fundamentals of React, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Students will learn how to create components, manage state, handle events, and perform API requests using React. The course will also cover topics such as Redux, React Router, and React Native.