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Programming... Institute & Software Development
Programming... Institute & Software Development

You can start your programming career with zero knowledge of coding and get a job.

Popular Courses

C Programming

Start with Scratch with standard Syllabus and competitive programming practice


All basics of programming languages, OOPS concepts, GUI, Web, Database, ML, AI libraries


core Java + Advanced Java + GUI + WEB + MYSQL + NoSQL + Firebase ( Full Stack developer course )


Android + IOS + WEB + Embeded + Design Tools + Firebase + AI + ML
( Full Stack developer course )

We Serve more than 1343 students and they gave us 4.9 google rating for our service

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About Us

We provide C, Data StructureC++, Python, Java, Android app development, IOS app development, JEE, PHP, etc.. programming courses 

We started our journey in 2015, we believe in practical knowledge, so we more focusing on practices. We always tried to give students real life example and trending Technological things to grow up student mind. 
Now we are providing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Embedded and Real-Time Operating System, Blockchain  subjects for Students and Business Professionals.

Our Services

We provide tuition for Computer Programming and Maths subjects and some professional services.


at chedo educational institute, near VIIT College, 

We provide online Teaching via zoom, google meet and google jamboard for all courses

We provide android as well as ios mobile apps development and management services

We create beautiful, lightweight websites as per your requirments. we also customize and develope WordPress websites

We provide automation services for home appliances

Please note that our institute provides courses on programming and technical skills development. While we strive to equip our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their careers, we do not provide job placement services or references. Our focus is on delivering high-quality education and training to prepare our students for success in their chosen fields.