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Full Stack Web Development

Frontend Development


  • Structure of an HTML Document
  • Elements, Tags, Attributes
  • Forms and Input Types
  • Semantic HTML


  • CSS Syntax and Selectors
  • Box Model and Layout
  • Responsive Design with Media Queries
  • Flexbox and Grid System


  • Data Types, Variables, Operators
  • Control Structures, Loops
  • Functions, Scope, Hoisting
  • DOM Manipulation and Events


  • Bootstrap Grid System
  • Navigation, Forms, Modals
  • Customizing Bootstrap Themes

Tailwind CSS

    • Utility-first Workflow
    • Responsive Design with Tailwind
    • Customizing with Tailwind Config


SQL Database

  • Basics of SQL Queries
  • Data Types and Table Design
  • Joins, Subqueries
  • Database Normalization


    • NoSQL Concepts
    • CRUD Operations in MongoDB
    • MongoDB Atlas and Compass
    • Schema Design and Data Modeling

Complete MERN Stack

Node.js and Express.js Basics

  • Introduction to Node.js
  • NPM (Node Package Manager)
  • Building a Basic Server with Express.js
  • Understanding Middleware
  • RESTful API Concept


  • React Basics (Components, JSX, Props)
  • State Management in Large Applications
  • React Hooks and Context API
  • Routing with React-Router
  • Client-side Routing and Single Page Applications (SPA)
  • Integrating React with a Backend Server
  • Fetching Data from the Express API

Frontend and Backend

  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
  • Connecting React with Express APIs
  • Implementing Authentication and Authorization
  • Token-based Authentication with JWT (JSON Web Tokens)

Real Life and Industry Grade Projects

Project Planning and Development

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Project Design and Workflow
  • Version Control with Git and GitHub


  • Real-World Project Implementation

    • E-commerce Website or Social Media Application
    • Deployment and Testing
    • Performance Optimization
    • Documentation and Presentation Skills